Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Black Lotus in The City of the Damned

Sitting in their den in the Old Gaol, Sylitch looked across at his two litter brothers. On the surface the Black Lotus was a triad, but everyone knew who was boss. The Black Lotus had arrived late in Mordheim but Sylitch was determined to make up for lost time.

“Quick-Fast, brothers

The blackclad Skaven rolled out of the gaol and into Execution Square. Night Runner Tri Skuffle was charged with organising the search for loot. Much gold was found but in the search he fell to the bottom of a well.

“Silly-Stupid whelpling!”

Through into the temple district they skittered, still searching until Sylitch’s ears pricked up. Much noise and screeching.  Climbing to the top of the temple he saw the cause. Four groups – including some inferior Skaven dojo – were creeping into a square where a Orc beast-dragon was corralled in a cage. Sensing the opportunity Sylitch dispatched his brothers towards two of the parties, the dead-things and the nearest man-things. A pact was made to share the spoils – plenty of time for double cross later.

All through the square were shards of warpstone. In one area the smelly man-things with the bear creature were surrounded by shards. Sylitch twitched his nose and the Black Lotus headed that way. On their right, the other Skaven made a move towards them. Sensing threat, Sylitch gestured to his brother Schneer and the strange mage user, Riktus to neutralise the threat. Skittering quickly towards a tomb, Riktus raised his strangely green “paw” and Warpfire zapped the encroachers. His job done he picked up a shard of warpstone – stopped for a quick nibble on the rock – and headed back to the group. As he did he noticed the body of Schneer lying on the ground. No loss in his long game.

Sylitch and Rhicut picked up three more shards as they made their way into the centre. On the right was the orc-beast and on the left the men-bear-things. Sylitch’s tail twitched and two members of Pew –Pew opened up with their slings. The orc-beast took two wounds. The benefits of fear, training and of course fear were paying off among his followers.

Dead-things and man-things were now fighting. Again Sylitch twitched. The base-rats of Pew Pew and their cousins more Pew-Pew set their sights on the man-things.

Three of the Kislev warband had been carrying warpstone one minute. Suddenly they had all been neutralised. Sylitch was particularly impressed with the shot from one of the base-rats that ricocheted off the skull of one of the men into the face of another, killing him. He’d have to watch that one.

In the background the orc-beast was now dead. Sylitch walked into the cage and claimed his spoils.


All in all a very successful day for the Black Lotus. While they lost one member of Pew Pew, the breeding programme meant he was easily replaced. Sylitch, Riktus, Rhicut and Pew Pew all advanced and five shards of warpstone were secured – well technically four but Adam short on funds sold him an extra one.

Sylitch, himself, is now BS 5 and the Pew Pew Brothers also advanced their BS. Rhicut learned the Art of Silent Death while only Riktus received a naf advance (+1 WS). The opportunity was taken to recruit another Night Runner, Skiffle.

All in all a good fun evening. Roll on next week.


  1. A fantastic outing for the Sylitch and co. Hopefully my sluggish undead can catch up.

    1. Pew Pew's dice were insane....including a run of six "6s" in a row.....but they are now BS4 so fear the Verminkin

    2. Can my dregs attend some ranged warfare lessons? Who would have though BS2 bows would be so ineffective?