Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Warhammer World Re-Opening: Clear As Mud

Warhammer World re-opened on Saturday after extensive re-modelling and they held an Open Day to celebrate.

As well as some stunning dioramas they also re-introduced their Studio armies and the message was mixed.

If you look at the following photos - snatched from Ben Curry's Twitter feed - you'll see the lie of the lane is........puzzling.

As you can see the Fantasy geography is in a state of flux. There is more than a smattering of these "round" bases between the traditional straight edges.

Are we seeing a re-basing process beginning which will see all Fantasy models rebased. Or is this part of the rumoured "two ways to play" game where there is a Skirmish game and a large Battles game.

It's all as clear as mud.

One thing I do believe is that the whole "Kumbaya" concept of base whichever way you want is long term a crock of shit. If GW say round bases for the skirmish game and whatever you want for WHFB then I have real doubts for the longevity of the bigger game. My pick is that the possibility for retaining squares is just a fop for existing customers but you better believe it is a transitory state. In future that option will disappear.

Little Timmy is not going to be told to put is Legion of Chaos on round bases for skirmish and if he wants to play big boy hammer switch to square bases. Over time GW will see round bases replace.

As far as resale value goes - Square bases now equal demolition costs (hindering rather than enhancing value). YMMV.



  1. Seeing this is worse than any rumour I've heard so far. I can just about handle any rule changes -but forcing a rebase of several hundred models does not appeal to me in the slightest. I spent enough time rebasing 3 forgeworld broadside battlesuits from 40mm to 60mm to make them legal!

  2. I've never understood the appeal of round bases. I don't think they're superior aesthetically, though a lot of people do. Moreover, for a skirmish game, I'd have thought square bases are better because you can easily define line of sight. 360 degree line of sight doesn't happen in anything that's meant to be approximating real life.

    Anyway, I guess we'll find out in another few weeks whether this is a big deal or not. I'll evaluate the situation then, but one thing is certain, I'm not rebasing a damn thing. If round bases are essential for New Warhammer, I'll have to sit it out.

    1. And the Ragequit queue has formed

    2. Not ragequit as such, maybe 'mehquit'.

      The thing is, will I leave Warhammer, or will Warhammer leave me?

      And are your going to rebase your rats......?

    3. Depends on how much I want to use them in 9th. But in all likelihood it would be a regrettable "yes"

    4. I in all likelihood won't quit, the draw of playing with plastic soldiers in a fantasy based setting will continue to appeal. However my focus will become things I can play with models as current (eg mordheim).

      It's all up in the air for a while longer.

    5. I won't quit gaming, and I certainly won't run off to Warmachine.

      It all depends on if Warhammer 9th is a fun game, and is workable with square bases. If it is on both counts, I'm in.

      However, I don't have the time, money or inclination to change hundreds of figures to a new basing system, so I won't. I'll continue to play 8th Edition, and I'll try Kings of War (which will hopefully be good enough to fill the gap). But if 9th doesn't work with squares, I'll regretfully have to abstain from it.