Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Hobby Update

I had a weekend of mixed hobby over the weekend.

On Saturday I spent the day playing DBMM (Historical Ancients) down at the Warlords. I was roped in to play the part of an ally general in an Armenian army. Unfortunately for my "commander" I proved to be Unreliable (game mechanism) for the first three turns and ignored a number of messages to sort my shit out. I eventually entered the fray Turn 4 but then proceeded to prance around achieving little. Well the rest of the army did the fighting I spent my time screening off the opposing forces until both centres collapsed leaving my command the only one intact.......coincidence?

Friday after work I helped Hagen set up Maelstrom and then sat down and started to paint a unit of Clibanarii for my Romans. It was interesting painting up something other than GW figures - these were Wargames Foundry. You do appreciate how good the GW figures are.

At Maelstrom I managed to sell off more "stuff that will never be used/painted'. This included a full table of "Ice Station" terrain for 40k, assorted 40k figures and dice and a FW Spiny Horror. The money had be "invested" on Friday evening in the new Tabletop World bridge and some Legionarii for the Patrician Romans.

Sunday evening I started putting together the Terraclips "Sewers" set for possible use in our Mordheim campaign. I'm not sure on this set yet. The concept is good, the printing is good but putting it together is a bit fiddly and I want to see it complete before I pass judgement.

Next weekend is Homecon. All the lists are in and are being checked. Looking forward to a weekend's gaming.

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  1. We just started looking at Mordheim too, Pete. I looked at Terraclips, and would have bought their streets and buildings set but it seems they are no longer in business.

    Instead, I found this company - bought dozens and dozens the print files (very inexpensive) and have started putting them together. Highly recommend - will do a blog post about them once I've finished a tables worth.

    All the best with Homecon.