Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paint Rack - Badger Minitaire from TS Hobbies

I had been looking for a paint rack for my new Badger airbrush paints and had run into a few problems. Most were made in USA and that created postage worries. Or they came in a size that didn't take the whole range meaning you had to buy more than one. Or even more or, they weren't specifically designed for Badger paint bottles.

Eventually I found one that ticked all the boxes from TS Hobbies. I ordered it and then waited. Tim Sloan at TSH sent it out pretty much immediately but then it went into the USPS system. Luckily it had tracking so I could see it when from Georgia to Miami to Houston to LA to Auckland to Houston to Miami to Santiago (Chile) back to Auckland and eventually to Wellington. So a particularly well travelled rack with three weeks of world tour under its belt.

It arrived yesterday and I unpacked it.

It was your typical laser cut mdf with very crisp cuts. I decided that rather than plain wood I wanted it black. So a spray later and help from Lynne (it is a tricky - three hand - job to put together) and voila.

And here's a final pic of it in pride of place on my desk.


Very happy with the product and exactly fits my needs.


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  1. I'm surprised India wasn't on the world tour as you live in Khandallah