Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No More "The Watchtower" Podcast

About once a fortnight I drift over to WargamerAu to check out any WHFB threads. Generally there is not much new or exciting but it does give a flavour for what is happening in the Australian gaming scene.

This weekend I noted that "The Watchtower" podcast - which IMO has been the best of the Aussie podcasts over the past five years - had pulled the pin.

The podcast was put out by three of Australia's 2014 ETC team - Mick Ferraro, Nick Legrand and Alex Treble - who were/are successful players in the NSW/ACT scene.

By my reckoning they put out 15-20 episodes over the past couple of years - but nothing in 2015 - and I found that the content was generally sensible and well reasoned (and certainly a lot less "shouty" than some of their compatriots). The reason cited was a combination of hosting renewal, far harder logistics and what I sense is a dose of the malaise that hangs over the Warhammer world at the moment.

Also I suspect that recording and particularly producing a podcast is a big time commitment and after awhile that becomes a chore. There is a high incidence of burnout and that looks like it is evident here.

Anyway a big thanks to Mick, Nick and Alex for their efforts over the past couple of years. Who knows? We may see you back bigger and better in 9th.


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