Monday, May 25, 2015

GW's View on Economics - Or FU Colonials!

UK price rise of Citadel Paint Pot - GBP 2.40 rises to GBP 2.55

NZ price rise of Citadel Paint Pot - NZD 7.00 rises to NZD 9.00

UK % increase = 6.25%

NZ % increase = 28.57%

UK Annual Inflation as measured by CPI = -0.1%

NZ Annual Inflation as measured by CPI = 0.1%

So inflation in both countries is essentially zero, yet one country "suffers" a 6% rise while the other a 28% rise.

Sometimes their practices make it is very hard to like GW


  1. Yes I noticed that. My main gripe with GW pricing has never been the high prices themselves - quality product and all. My issue has always been with discrepancy in the currency between GBP and NZD.

    An interesting question is would I feel any different if the NZD price was the same and the GBP was raised to match?

  2. I saw another post about this where it appeared to just be sprays, technical paints. Is this confirmed at all? Or all the paint range?

  3. Perhaps GW have shares in NZ Post and want to help promote YouPost.