Friday, May 29, 2015

More 9th Ed Rumours

Over lunch I was bored and headed over to Warseer to check out the latest WHFB rumours (yes that bored!).

The latest guff seems to be:
  • 9th Edition coming out this year....Summer (northern) is mentioned
  • Round-based game
  • Still can be played with square bases but post 9th launch everything will ship with round bases
  • All units will be able to skirmish, some will be able to rank up
  • GW will release WotR-style movement trays to do this
  • Unbound will transfer in from 40k
  • Balance will be provided by objective scenarios given benefits to bound armies
  • One new faction - effectively Empire + Brets
So that all sounds very unappealing at first glance. Ticks a lot of "ALARM" boxes for me.


  1. Dear Bored
    What's Bound and Unbound
    Yours ignorantly

    1. In it most simplest terms - One uses a single book, the other bring what you want across various books. Another possibility has limits on %, the other not.

  2. Woopwoopwoopwoopwooop... Alarm status critical. Mediaeval feudal ranked soldiers in blocks becoming a thing of the past ? It will take me YEARS to rebase all my armies on round bases LOL

  3. Remain clam.

    If unbound is like 40k - then it is not going to be used very often. If you are playing at home nothing to stop continuing to use whatever the 'normal' option is (might still be > 25% core, >25% rare etc). If at a tournament, TO can always define what armies must conform to. Hopefully they don't go ally crazy like 40k though - I like the idea of focused armies with strengths/weaknesses and don't want to have to patch up an army with allies.

    Sarissa already make WotR style conversion trays to make round to ranked... I've used some to transport/display my Tau armies. Maybe companies like this will make a square to skirmish option for fantasy if the rumours turn out to be true. If skirmish/steadfast stays relatively the same most units will not want to skirmish. Who knows.

    Oddly the one that worries me the most though is objective based gaming. I don't like the idea of morphing into 40k style cheap fast units zooming onto objectives in the final turn of the game to secure a win. WHFB should be about the big battles and the grinding of the enemy in my opinion.

    In about a month we will know for sure. Hopefully whatever emerges allows some form of mass fantasy battle game we all know and love to continue.

    1. Best comment ever. Well done Ryan. Agree wholeheartedly.