Monday, May 25, 2015

Homecon V

On the weekend I had Homecon at my place (Lynne was away visiting her parents!).

The 12 of us used the SCGT pack and played a mini-tournament of 5 games. In the end James Brown managed to pip Sam Whitt to register the highest score. Sam had a great Day One with three max wins but suffered two defeats Day Two.

Both days we had a bbq lunch and on Saturday night nine of us went out to a local curry house for a meal.

Here's some pictures from the event:

Adam contemplating moving his BSB out into a building.

Nurgle is unimpressed. He foresaw Kairos charging the building and TSing the BSB to death.

Lunch Day One - Masses of semi-incinerated meat.
Ryan, Adam, Alix and Greg enjoy the bbq.

Alan, Sam, James and Peter sink a few beers while waiting for Round 2.

Unfortunately I got no pictures of Neil Williamson. He was probably still finishing his game!

All in all people seemed to enjoy the SCGT pack and the different vibe to games that it gave.

Personally I enjoyed using the DoC list under the pack and learned that Lash of Despair allows armour saves and that Bloodcrushers (though Khorne) don't have Frenzy.

Overall it was a great weekend playing the Hammer.



  1. Stunning photo of us outside Pete. Thanks again for hosting :)

    1. Yep, that mob of four really is Hurricane Handsome.

      It was a good fun weekend- the SCGT meant you could sometimes squeak a win or a less shameful loss while your army was being beaten to a pulp, if you focused on missions. I'm not sure it fully balanced the army variations but for those of us with low tier armies and marginal generalship it meant fun games instead of taking merciless hidings.

  2. I think that I'd finished my game early, had lunch, and was setting up ready for my next game.
    Thanks for a great weekend Pete.


  3. I agree with the others, a top weekend and a really enjoyable players pack for rewarding those who kept focused on where the real points were to be gained (i.e. keeping fortitude etc.)

    Many hearty thanks Pete!!

    - Adam Richards

  4. Fantastic event as usual Pete. Played 5 great games against 5 great people with 5 great armies on great terrain. It was great.