Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend Task - One Cabinet To Hold Them All!

It's a long weekend in New Zealand this weekend - we get to "celebrate" the English Queen's birthday.

So this weekend I've decided to convert a 6' x 3' wardrobe into a dedicated figure cupboard. The goal is to be able to store the bulk of my Fantasy armies in that one cabinet ready for easy use.

The first step in the process was to visit "The Warehouse" (think Walmart/ASDA/Target) this morning and buy 10 medium cookie baking trays. These are metal, magnetic and have a lip to provide some stability. They also cost only $5 each! Each tray is about 14" by 10" and with coupled with existing trays should give me enough to cover all my armies. I prefer these metal trays as I store my figures ready in movement trays so they are ready for play.

The next stage is to create enough shelves in the cupboard for each army while ensuring that they can accommodate the necessary height to allow figures to stand upright. I may make one shelf specifically for ALL larger models thereby allowing me to keep shelves to around 6" height each - provides some headroom.

I'll take some photos over the weekend to chart progress.


  1. Next you should jazz up the baking trays to almost serve as diorama/display boards...

  2. I'm currently undertaking a similar project (on a much smaller scale) so really interested to see how you go. I won't have a big wardrobe but a couple of shoe cabinets with doors/draws removed but have about 6 baking trays then 3 large magnetic whiteboards to display/transport all the armies I've built up.