Friday, May 1, 2015

Behold the Aquanauts

Another week, another 40k......and this time it's clunky robots.

These look like the evolutionary dead end that Fishmen pursued from their "bubble".

All I can say is "Yawn".

Oh, and....."Tick Tock"



  1. I dunno I like them I want to paint one up like the robot from the otherwise awful Lost in Space film.

  2. My personal theory as to why we have seen nothing but 40k release yet is that when 9th ed lands we will see a Get You By army list booklet (like Ravening Hordes) and that GW will then spend the rest of the year releasing WHFB armies and that right now its getting all its 40k stuff out of the way before 9th edition lands.

  3. Hope springs eternal....

  4. I kind of like them. They remind me of the old 40k robots from about 25 years ago.