Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2000th Post - Howay The Lads!

Noticed that the post on venting my spraybooth was this blog's 2000th post. The site has effectively been going since mid-2010 (before that posting was spasmodic) so it is seeing just over a post a day since that time.

The last few months have been the hardest over the period as Warhammer Fantasy sits on the edge of the abyss waiting to see what a new edition brings. There is only so many times that you can refresh/comment on the same tired rumours that are filling the void. Daily visits to the site have dropped as we've seen people jettison Fantasy for other games systems given the current gap. Expect we'll see some back, others may decide the grass is greener and will be lost for good.

The one constant through the life of this blog has been GW's pricing strategy in this part of the world. From a hobbyist point of view it sucks....and it is hard to have any goodwill for the corporate GW or anything but sympathy for the local GW managers (who have to sell in this environment). There have been some false dawns re pricing but things are as bad as they have ever been if you look at the new Assassins game - GBP 75, AUD 210 and NZD 248. New Zealand buyers are paying 64% premium over the GBP price and 14% premium over AUD pricing - I hope they enjoyed the inflight entertainment on the Business Class flights they must have been transported by!

And we have the ROW embargo. Guess what GW.....it worked. My spend on GW products from offshore fell by over 70%. And precisely none of it went to the local shops - strangely I don't like paying a 64% premium.

Bitching over - normal service resumes


  1. What does Mantic charge over there?

    1. No idea...but most - apart from the Undead - fail the style test

    2. Mantic's roughly 50 per cent GW retail price. Though they do have some weird outliers like some metals which are super cheap and conversely some resins which are uber expensive. plus as Pete said they often don't match they are a smaller scale so not really suited in mixing your models though not bad if you start from scratch.

      For me Mantic often fail the quality check.

  2. Gosh I can’t remember the last GW thing I brought. I haven’t even brought paints! I was given Beorn for Christmas so I guess that counts but no Warhammer.

    I mean If I can’t even summon enthusiasm for Dwarfs what hope is there? I waited for ages for that army book but then when it came out I stopped caring.

    My money has been going n Xwing – reasonable prices, painted models, quick games, supported rules and tournaments with prize support. Plus ANYONE can play it.

    Warhammer just doesn’t have that instant accessibility.

    I was very tempted by the Assassin game but the sticker shock held me back…