Thursday, May 28, 2015

Collated Rumour Roundup

 And we sit and wait for concrete news as to the nature of the Warhammer game going forward.

I've been full of headcold the last week and I'm not sure whether it is my inability to concentrate in my befuddled state but the release of more rumours has not really solidified anything for me.

Over the page I've collated five sets of rumours doing the rounds currently. When viewed in the entirety a picture emerges but specific detail is sketchy.
I guess all will become clear at some stage over the coming months.

Rumour Set One:
All books and miniatures may be used in the 9th edition of Warhammer
  • 6 major factions (including combinations of independent book, see End Times).
  • Some existing units can ally with multiple factions.
  • The End Times sets the pattern for building restrictions armies.
  • Skaven will look much more Steampunk.
  • Glotkin becomes the “new” world.
  • Some factions despite being playable may have an uncertain future regarding news.
  • The world will change with the possibility of total destruction or being restored from the hands of capricious gods and mighty heroes
Rumour Set Two:
The 9th edition of Warhammer th come for summer
  • On the Bases: We play with square bases but after the departure of the 9th edition sold all models come with round bases.
  • You can play with everything in the skirmish game mode. GW will bring movement trays for this mode.
  • For the listing will be much more freedom than now but using consolidated lists will be encouraged. There will be scenarios and objectives to keep (such as 40k) if you have a list of a consolidated army you will maintain the target enemy unit while having a close but instead if you have a more open not ready. They said something about a bonus points by killing the enemy commander. It will encourage play both styles but in different ways
  • A new faction, the humans will consist basically of Empire, Bretonnia and some new troops confirmed. It was very clear that is not going away any army.
Rumour Set Three:
  • May 30 – Space Marines (week-1)
  • June 6 – Space Marines (week-2)
  • June 13 – Space Marines (week-3)
  • June 20 – Dark Angels (week-1)
  • June 27 – WFB 9th Releases begin
Rumour Set Four:

WFB 9th Release Window Details
  • 6 Weeks of Releases
  • Rulebook and Accessories
  • Starter Set
  • First Armybook (Empire)
  • Released in quick succession
  • “Sigmarites” are only another Knightly Order
Rumour Set Five:
  • WFB 9th is simply called “Warhammer’
  • New rules provide for two games in one:
  • a) A small scale game with few models
  • b) A full scale game like the previous WFB
  • The small scale game has heavy limitations on models that can be used such as exotic units and units that would be unbalancing at a small scale.
  • Triple book format with rules and history split up ~Editor, this sounds like the current 40K format
  • Round bases
  • June 20th
  • 6 Factions
  • Game picks up after the End Times series, taking it into account

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