Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RIP Rob Cameron

Sad news over the weekend that local wargamer Rob Cameron had passed away.

Rob (on left) with Rhys Batchelor during multiplayer DBM game

Most people who have attended Wellington conventions over the past 20 years would have seen Rob. He had ongoing health issues during that time but was always overwhelmingly positive in outlook.

I first met Rob in the late 90s when I returned to Wargaming after a 16 year hiatus. Between 1998 and 2002 we would have played DBM (Ancient/Medieval) at least once a week either at my place or at the Warlords (then in Wadestown). Rob used Late Romans, Seleucids or Sassinid Persians usually and over that 4-5 year period he fought against the many armies I played.

I have fond memories of Rob playing in a series of War of the Roses re fights up at the Warlords and also a memorable re fight of Chalons.

Rob was on crutches when I first met him and over time his health deteriorated further an he became confined to a wheelchair. Despite all this Rob was always overwhelmingly positive and I never once heard him complain. On the tabletop he was much the same. He always took the hits and the successes with the same upbeat attitude.

As I moved into GW games I saw less of Rob and this probably was exasperated by my move to less gaming at clubs over the past 6-7 years.

I remember at one point I heard he was in hospital and took him up some old copies of the Society of the Ancients "Slingshot". Although his surroundings were clearly suggestive of ongoing discomfort, Rob was still upbeat.

I guess the most amazing thing about Rob is that despite all his health difficulties I struggle to remember him ever having a bad word to say about anybody (apart from Charles the Bold) and certainly I can't remember ever having a bad word for him.

In recent years when I did see Rob he was generally umpiring DBMM events at local conventions. It demonstrated his ongoing attitude of engagement.

I wish I had had an opportunity to see him again before his passing. I would have loved to have thanked him for being not only a great bloke but a role model for all of us in focusing on the positive despite difficulties.

Rest in Peace Rob.



  1. +1 Million. Rob was strength of character in the face of adversity personified. Many happy memories of him at Warlords on committees for the club/CTA.

  2. Great tribute to what sounds like an awesome guy. Best wishes to all

  3. Stunned - a thorough gentleman. Unfailingly polite and friendly no matter what.

    Do you know his funeral details?

    Paul Goldstone

    1. Thursday 14th May at 2pm....Old St. Pauls on Mulgrave in the city

  4. Very sad to hear. Very nice to hear your memories. RIP Rob.

  5. A wonderful tribute for an amazing man. RIP Rob.

  6. Rob's funeral was yesterday amid all the chaos that was Wellington's wedding.

    It was a wonderful service and a great celebration of his life. Rob had been involved in Wargaming since 1975 - he was 53 when he did - so it had been a major part of his life. However there was so much more to him, a lot of which I found out yesterday (isn't it funny how we compartmentalise our lives). For instance he was a scuba diver and he was a rabid Meatloaf (singer not food) fan.

    It was great to hear about his life, how he approached adversity and despite his obstacles, how much he had packed into his life.

    Thanks again Rob and RIP.