Monday, May 18, 2015

Maelstrom 40k Held Over Weekend

Maelstrom 40k event was held over the weekend here in Wellington. You can read the TO's report here

Everything seemed to go well from what I saw on the times I dropped in to stock the Bring & Buy table (thanks to everyone who bought stuff).

The rankings have been updated to reflect the results and it sees Glen Burfield jump up to #2 on the list.

I would say from my sightseer's point of view the game is not that appealing. The 40k armies do not look like coordinated fact it seemed to be "Bring Your Imperial Knight to School" day. I appreciate that this is the nature of the rules but IMO a game (and army) looks better when it is a structured force rather than a hodge podge of latest GW "coolness'. I'm hoping, pretty much against hope, that this won't be the way forward for Warhammer Fantasy. However I think the horse has bolted there with the FO nonsense in ET:Archaon.

Still it was great seeing people enjoying their hobby and congrats to Hagen on a successful event.

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