Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mordheim - Black Lotus to the Rescue

The Black Lotus Triad rolled out of their layer into the section of Mordheim known as “The Rock”. Sylitch thought life would be so much easier if they had some sort of jacked up Urban Assault Vehicle – he must talk to Clan Skyre.

Word had come that some rich merchant’s son had got himself lost while out for a night on the town “looking for a bit of rough”. His father had offered a handsome reward for his safe return. As the Triad moved into the city they saw the usual gangs out there looking for the lost boy.

Spotting some minor clan leader, Sylitch twitched his tail sending a signal marking his territory and warning the skab-rats not to encroach. Unfortunately the rat was too stupid to understand – either that or he had a death wish. In the centre the dead-things had found the boy and were trying to withdraw with him in tow.

Sling shots whistled past as Skiffle tried to retrieve a piece of warpstone nestled next to a building. These vermin were stupid. As they moved throw the Black Lotus territory, Slylitch signalled to the Verminkin and his surprisingly green sorcerer, Riktus, to open up. Thirty seconds later the encroachers were on the ground or had withdrawn.

The boy had escaped from the Dead-Things that were withdrawing from the square. Sylitch could now safely move in and secure the merchant’s son.


The boy’s head exploded and he collapsed in a pool of blood.

“I hate spoilt rich pricks” smiled Slylitch as he put his sling away.


It was another good day for the Black Lotus. No members were injured (in fact none were taken out of action) and all advanced an Experience Level. Slylitch increased his Initiative and three members increased to two wounds – I’m putting it down to the strange mushrooms Riktus has been cooking.

Two shards of warpstone were secured (and a third one purchased). Slylitch managed to find a merchant selling a pair of Warplock Pistols while supplies of Lucky Charms were accumulated. Finally all the Heroes were outfitted with a Rope and Hook.

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  1. Well done Pete - another good outing for them.

    Two nights in a row my bloody vampire couldn't keep control of his forces after massacring the humans - still no deaths and only one permanent injury from the other traitorous skaven "trader"!!