Thursday, May 7, 2015

Citadel Paint Chart in White Dwarf #66


About 4-5 months ago I gave up buying White Dwarf Weekly as I found it had very little in it that I was interested in that I couldn't get elsewhere for free. Over that time I haven't really missed it.

Yesterday I wandered into my local GW Hobby Centre and was flicking through the latest issue and saw that it hat a poster in it. This was thin card about 30/36" tall and 10" wide

What it provides is a quick guide to what Citadel colours you use to either highlight or drybrush up from the various base colours.

While not earth shattering I think it is very useful quick guide if you use the GW Citadel Paints - which I do. The use a SM backpack to show the finished effect.

The various technical and texture paints are covered at the bottom - and of course they spruik their new brushes.

From my POV it is a very useful chart to act as colour reference - all for the cost of WDW. If you want one though, be quick. This week's issue disappears tomorrow night.




  1. Don't lie Peter, you bought it for the Knight Warden rules.

  2. Both Welly and LH GWs have now sold out