Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dark Valley Campaign

Over the weekend we had a Mighty Empires campaign at Chez Dunn. It involved eight gamers, two BBQs and six campaign turns.

The forces arrayed at the edge of the Dark Valley were:

  • Wil Hoverd - Ogres (Green)
  • Cody Parlato - Warriors of Chaos (White)
  • James Millington - Skaven (were mutated into WoC for Day 2) (Purple)
  • Glen Burfield - Vampire Counts (Grey)
  • Ryan Lister - Vampire Counts (Orange)
  • Mike King - Beastmen (Yellow)
  • Joel van de Ven-Long - Wood Elves (Red)
  • Pete Dunn - Skaven (Blue)
After the dust had settled we had had 24 battles, six turns and were left with the following troop dispositions:

James finished on 4 points, Mike 6, Cody 7, Glen 8, Joel 9, Wil 12, Ryan 14 and I had 15.

Hopefully over the coming months players will continue to use the campaign as a background for their games. Whenever they play a game where two empires are adjacent then the opportunity exists to treat it as a ME clash. Should the battle end more than 15-5 to either player then a territory changes hands. Advise me and I can update the map.

Later in the year I am hopeful to run a second weekend of campaign turns.

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  1. I'm keen for the continuation of the campaign map. The blood dragons never refuse a challenge so feel free to approach me for a game whomever is adjacent to me and wants a slice.