Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Runefang VI Update

With just over five weeks out from Runefang VI, there are 26 gamers registered for the tournament. This will be the first NZ event to have both the new Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos army books in use.

Wellington May Need More Than A Runefang To Withstand The Chaos Incursion

There will be no race specific restrictions for either book as the local scene looks to determine their impact on the meta. Despite some grumblings on its release, the consensus is that the power level of the WoC has increased with the new book. IMO, Daemons look more "random" than they previously were however the jury is definitely still out on where the strongest build will coalesce. Runefang gives the local players a chance to judge for themselves.

There is still an opportunity for another 10-12 people to sign up for the event. You can download the Players Pack here


  1. I AM COMING!!!!! I am also attending the tournament.....

  2. Sorry Pete, I won't be attending this one. Its in a good cause as I'll be in Oz learning a new language and culture.
    Still, It'll give Sam more of chance.

    1. That's a shame. Still with your foray into Dwarfs perhaps you need time on the naughty step