Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hobby Thursday

Thursday is this week's hobby day for me.

First up, priming the Plaguebearers I recently bought and stripped. These are the last edition metals. I think they are soooo much better than the new "goofy" plastics. I'm trying something different here. Normally I will prime with a black or, in rare occasions, white. Here I've decided to try the Flames of War "War Paint" sprays. I picked up two cans - one green, one earth - at Wargames Supply's closing down sale.

Nice tight nozzle with good spray. The can gave good coverage of the metal figures and I am now leaving them in the sun to dry.

I have primed to new units of 28 Plaguebearers suspecting that 4 ranks of 7 may be the way to go.

Another day in paradise. The view from the deck at Chez Dunn. Currently sitting in sun drinking a very nice Flat White and watching the cricket on the big screen. Life is good.


  1. Sounds great, except for the cricket that is :P

    What is with those round bases? Spray coverage looks good from the photos. I put together 3 Vargheists last night, going to give them a run(fly).

  2. I use a black then the Army Painter Green for priming my Nurgle stuff. To be honest I like all of the Plaguebearers including the new plastic ones, I need more though, only have 40.

  3. Interesting pics! The last one pic is so amazing looking!

  4. I think you used too much blue in that last pic...