Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NiCon Fantasy Players Pack

I received the NiCon Players Pack by email this morning. The event is on 1st/2nd June in Napier and is being umpired by Jeff Kent.

Depending on real life I'm thinking I may head up to this - particularly if a few of the Wellington/Kapiti/Waiarapa locals are also starters.

You can download the players pack here

Glad to see no stupid King of the Hill scenario.


  1. I'm probably going go to this event. Need to find a ride however. Aaron (The silly Ogres player) might go, so that will solidify me a ride hopefully :D.

  2. I am in, warhammer and wine? Awesome - didn't Jeff ban dwarfs?

    1. Only an Ogres player would say that my man!

    2. I seriously considered it Simon, not Chaos Dwarves mind you, just normal Dwarves.

      I kid, I only make fun of dwarves because everyone else is doing it and I want to look cool.

      Pete - I did briefly think about King of the Hill, then I realised how hard of a counter Watchtower is to some really stupid lists and just went with it.

    3. Exactly my thoughts on the watchtower mission.

      I'll be making the trip north and I'm sorting a Welly contingent to come up to show you all how it's done.

      Joel v

  3. I'll be gracing Napier with my unholy presence :D

  4. I'm warhammering and whining of the grape varietal Jeff. Would have handed you my cash this weekend. Take my money someone...