Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fantasy Podcasts - A Listening List

Over the last twelve months there has been a veritable explosion of Fantasy podcasts available to the hobbyist.

Some have been around for longer but with new delivery platforms - Instacast, Podcaster etc - they are more accessible than ever.

The listener now has a lot more content competing for their ears with casts generated all around the world. This gives great insight into different gaming environments and metas. The format/delivery varies widely from the content-focused to the shock jock "Beavis & Butthead/Jackass" stable.

One thing has developed over the past year - the sound quality of the shows. Whereas 12 months ago I would listen to a show with questionable acoustics, now I struggle if quality is poor. This is largely a reaction to how much the leading podcasts have upped their game by investing in good quality sound kit.

So where am I currently directed my listening hours?

  • Bad Dice Daily - short (15 minute) show that covers news, rules, has interviews etc
  • Dwellers Below - Australian-based show (only just meets sound quality hurdle) which gives insights into Victorian scene (subjective comp) as well as broader Warhammer content.
  • Black Sun - the veritable box of chocolates. It ranges from very good to a train wreck. Regardless it is always funny.
  • Bad Dice Main Show - improved markedly over the past year from an already solid format. Miss Ben Johnston but new hosts Mark Wildman and Gareth Dicks have surprised me as I had real misgivings at the outset as for a while the show wandered. Like the idea of regular guests.
  • Garagehammer - I've become a new listener to this show and like the tight format and professionalism of the hosts. Wider breadth than most shows. Have just spun off a "Horus Heresy" podcast.
  • Pointhammered - pretty laidback, less formal show with two likeable hosts
I've just started listening to Ohiohammer and Skull Bros and need to hear a few more shows before I decide whether I'll continue. There are a few UK based shows I've tried - Two Gamer Radio, Six Dice Monkeys - but they really suffer from very poor sound quality. When lined up against shows with better quality it just becomes a bit too hard.

Which brings me to my final point. In the podcasting business good sound quality costs money. If you are a regular listener to the show (and are in the position to) then I'd recommend supporting them financially. Now this may only be $10-20 but I'm sure that the hosts would appreciate it. 


  1. You'll have to fit Heelanhammer back into the schedule soon.

    Can't wait, as I always preferred Heelanhammer over Baddice for the more hobby-ish content, if you know what I mean

    1. We'll see.

      Hoping it's more than which army Wayne has switched to this week. Tactically, Heelanhammer was never a patch on Bad Dice - except when Russ Veal was on.

      Certainly hope it's good

    2. Isn't the episode overdue? I thought the 15th march was mentioned?

  2. I really like Pointhammered and The Black sun. They both offer good content with humour which is what I prefer. I am a bit over Baddice. Maybe its because there is no break from it. A bit of overkill. And Currys accent is getting annoying, so will give them a break I think. Garagehammer is a bit too commercial for me.

  3. Dweller's is awesome, I miss Melbourne, it makes me homesick as hell.

  4. Baddice is awesome.Great content

    Dwellers has about 5 guys all trying to talk/scream at once and they don't make a lot of sense some of the time

    Blacksun is..................painful ,but can make be giggle at times

    Garage hammer is one i haven't listens to in a while,but it was pretty good the last time i listened to them

    Pointhammed is good,mainly because Jonney is a fantastic painter and and a funny joker

    Really really! looking forward to the return of Heelan hammer

  5. To give some context on the cost our set up cost around $1000 getting it from the US with the mice provided for free from Brad Morrin. Even then we struggle to keep the quality up as we haven't set up proper stands and pop filters yet. It costs a lot.

    Dave (From the Dwellers)

  6. May as well mention that Podhammer is apparently back as well, haven't listened to the episode yet, have too much of a backlog already.

    1. Unfortunately while Kendall Williams is on it - very good - so is "Kent Fury" - very not good.