Friday, March 8, 2013

Rankings - Update on Progress

Jack has been working diligently to create the engine for the rankings and as of today I got a look at it. The data I supplied took out all events up to 2012 NatCon (April 8). This removes last year's Equinox as well.

Here are the Top 25 players in the rankings given that database:

Edit: Updated with Best Army Icon holders and events played. Dwarfs is held by Simon Switzer, Beastmen by Stuart Robinson, Dark Elves by Brian Smith.

1.   Tim Joss252.005['Tomb Kings']
2.   Tom Dunn244.944['Daemons of Chaos']
3.   Daniel Butler232.493['Skaven']
4.   Mike King228.455
5.   Mal Patel225.514['Lizardmen']
6.   Sam Whitt223.826['Chaos Dwarfs', 'Orcs & Goblins']
7.   Paul Dalton217.805['Ogre Kingdoms']
8.   Joel van de Ven-Long213.144
9.   Peter Williamson211.183
10. John Willenbruch209.714['Bretonnians']
11. James Brown201.295
12. Rory Finnemore199.255['Empire']
13. Ross Hillier-Jones194.844['Warriors of Chaos']
14. Hamish Forbes188.644
15. Basil Moskovis184.504['Vampire Counts']
16. Pete Dunn184.002
17. Nick Irvine164.185['Wood Elves']
18. Rhys Hodgson159.923
19. Darren Urquhart157.383
20. Hamish Gordon153.913
21. Andy Hudson148.653
22. James Millington141.453
23. Wil Hoverd139.552
24. James Milner138.004['High Elves']
25. Antony Kitson132.082

So we have a working model and now it is just putting together the website design. Thankfully Nat Bacchus has offered to help us with this as he has expertise in this area.

One icon I am looking to include this year is the "Marco Colombo" for the person who attends the most events over the course of the year. Edit: At moment that would be held by Sam Whitt

Looking for a March 31 reveal


  1. Great work guys, much appreciated.

  2. Wait, what? I get the high Elf token? seriously? That's embarrassing for all High Elf players considering my results for last year....

    1. I think it's default James play three events with them.. ha ha