Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Mini Wargaming Video

Mini Wargaming in Canada have made a very thought-provoking video in response to the change in Games Workshop's trade policies for North America

In particular there are comments on GW's decision to limit NA retailers to domestic sales and GW's approach to online sales and the internet in general.



  1. Interesting video. Struggle to see how this is a good move long term for GW, but agree that at least initially internal sales will increase as online demand switches to the only available option. How many people simply fail to switch their demand or seek alternative hobbies remains to be seen.

    My own entry in warhammer fantasy at the end of my university years would have been fiscally impossible without international imports and alternative model manufacturers.

    The last 5 years have seen a rapid expansion of alternative manufacturers both for miniatures and game systems. While GW can still rightly claim a very high position for the quality of its miniatures at present it has come a long way to achieve that and it won't take 25+ years for competitors to catch up. Rules systems for alternative games are also becoming as complex, engaging, fun and frankly often better proof read than GW's efforts.

    GW are still the juggernought of the industry and it will be interesting to see how the latest steam rolling of their own independent retailers plays out in the long run. In the end if there weren't good reasons for buying from independent retailers then people would already be buying direct from GW.

  2. Going to be a big boom time for ebay/trademe sellers and ppl who can get stuff from UK retailers for eg sent to them via friends/family overseas.

    Makes me glad I have all the models I need and want for WHFB as honestly this doesn't make GW long term future look that great.

  3. In many ways a short sighted "profit now" strategy from GW may in fact be a wise decision. No one knows when the barrier to entry in "real" competition (quality wise rather than just "can produce models") with GW will occur, but you can make a safe bet that in the next 20 years technology will further reduce the capital outlay for doing this. So investment wise, it would make sense to milk the teat before more clammy hands grab a hold of it... to torture a metaphor.