Monday, March 18, 2013

Manifestation of Nurgle

One of the dangers of playing at Chez Dunn is that there is always the chance for Nurgle to manifest. Most local gamers know and respect my cat Nurgle and when we are gaming he wants to be involved.

Generally he'll sit on a chair and watch but he is just as likely to appear on the table. Unfortunately this weekend he disgraced himself by taking a dislike to Joel's Gorger that Wil was using - sorry Joel.

He also manifested in the material realm while Mike and I were playing Watchtower. Evidently this exercise was energy-sapping as he immediately flopped and went to sleep snuggled up next to a Tuskgor chariot.

Tiring Stuff Being a God.


  1. That's what 9 volt batteries were invented for. It's like your own personal easy to use pet-taser.

  2. Nurgle's just lucky I'm a cat person...I cant stay angry when all Nurgle wants is a head scratch.