Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FOB Rankings Update - Post Equinox

Last night Jack and I inputted and updated the results of Equinox into the Fantasy Rankings to check that the model worked and was easily updateable. It was!

So now it is just making things look pretty.

The impact of Equinox was smaller than I expected in terms of the Top 12. Ross Hillier-Jones replaced Rory Finnemore in the Masters places and there was some shift upwards by the attendees. John Willenbruch jumped above Tom Dunn to #2.

In Icon news, the Chaos Dwarf Icon shifted from Sam Whitt to Richard Barby. Sam still holds the "Marco Colombo" for most tournaments with 7.

Look out for the website going live on March 31 - there should be no problems from here as we have contracted Talent2 to run it. What could go wrong?


  1. Talent2 hmm... seems legit.

    Maybe Xero should get into payroll software.

  2. pete put me in his blog i made the big leagues

  3. I assume unlike RHQ this system will not take into account the Australian (or any other international tournaments) events in determining NZ rankings? Not really bothered either way.

    James C