Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Natcon Warhammer Fantasy Lists

Mike King is umpiring Fantasy at NatCon over Easter Weekend and has kindly forwarded me the lists that the players are using. You can access them here

Natcon is three days, eight games and this year is at 2500 points with no comp and big monsters allowed.

Two big monsters have been taken - Dread Saurian and Nightmare Colossus.

Good luck to all those attending.


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  2. Oh those are just awesome. Couple of things hit it for me...

    No High Elves?
    No Slaughtermasters
    Double Firebelly's
    2 units of 7 Mournfang with Stonethorn & Thundertusk

    and Neil Williamson being sneaky and bringing a variation on the no deploy Dwarf army list. Just brilliant love it....

    1. Thanks John.
      Now how do you play dwarfs? I'm taking some grudge ponies so at least I have some cavalry.

    2. Alright Neil, the way to play them is like this

      1. Try you very hardest to deploy your army in a 12" bubble in a corner of your choice, hopefully with a hill or building in it. And only moving up a maximum of 6" throughout the game. EVER!

      2. Laugh at your opponent

      3. Have a power nap after your shooting phase is done each turn.

      However, with your army, I don't know because it requires a bit of thinking in the deployment and movement phase.

    3. As a dwarf general that has used the dwarf ninja list variations successfully, the key tips I can give are these:

      - Select your fights carefully, aim for wizards and enemy artillery as early as possible;
      - Do not rely of the Anvil of Doom too much, it does NOT have to be used every turn;
      - Try and use the flanks of the table and terrain to get combats that will last long enough for the miners to get/flank charges;

      That's about it, best of luck, and may your axes cut down the enemies of the dwarfs (especially cavalry mounts)without fear or rest until justice is done.

      - Adam Richards

  3. Interesting to see just 18 players. Is its due to the tournament being over Easter I wonder? or something else limiting the interest. I believe the RuneFang tournament in late April already has about 30 players signed up to play.

    As you mentioned John, no High elves, also no empire, brets, wood elves, or chaos dwarfs

    Had a quick tally of the lists and we have:
    Lizardmen - 3
    Warriors of Chaos - 3
    Ogres - 2
    Orcs and Goblins - 2
    Dwarfs - 2
    and 1 each of
    Tomb Kings
    Vampire Counts
    Daemons of Chaos
    Dark Elves

    1. Think its the 3 day thing and Easter as well. Families already made plans that sort of thing. Ill be there but playing FOW

    2. Three days over a holiday weekend is an increasingly big commitment for a lot of people. Also the Organisers (not Umpire) were unwilling to provide updates on numbers prior to close of their Earlybird registration date.

      As I noted last year I think the three day Natcon is a tired concept that is wedded to the 70s and 80s when there were few alternatives. Now players in Fantasy and FoW have a selection of events they can play and as such are just as likely to dedicate Easter to family and spend brownie points elsewhere - e.g. the upcoming Runefang is one potential option :-)

    3. I only see 2 names of people going to both this and Equinox. Considering Equinox had over 40, it backs up everything your saying

    4. The event wasn't advertised properly IMO too.Petes blog was the only thing i could find on it

    5. I found it on a couple of blogs and on the, auckland city guard calendar and on the hutt club wesbsite.Not sure what else you can do in NZ, is there any NZ forums it can be advertised to?

    6. SIW is the largest forum in NZ and there was no info on it until i starting looking for some .There was nothing on the city guard forum for ages and i didn't even know there was a hutt club site,There no info on the wellington warlords forum .No one in the south island had any ideas where it was or what the costs were

  4. Can I just say, I frankly am disappointed at the levels of filth in those lists tbh... No comp and the majority look almost exactly like standard NZ lists

    1. Well I certainly did my best......

    2. 2 hydras and a cold one bus?

      Actually I can't talk with 2 x 37+ bloodletter units

    3. Bus is at the station..ALL ABOARD!!!

  5. Hamish is taking Skaven. Isn't that filth enough?

  6. Absolutely going away with the family over Easter to earn brownie points for continued gaming. 2 days are also enough of a commitment with 6 games draining my limited mental energy let alone 8-9 games. $29 overnight flights to wellywood are looking tempting too.

    James C

  7. Very much an event where you have to plan ahead to get down there sort of tournament, going this year though I highly doubt next year.

    I see some lists that look fun to play and others that I don't want to touch with a 100 ft pole

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for the mention Pete, no pressure eh!!!

  9. 18 Isn't to bad, not great, but fine nonetheless. Be good to see everyone again. I think another reason why it is smaller then usual is because of the its not as widely advertised to the Fantasy community. The Hutt Club are not big fans of any GW games and say that quit loudly. Where as tournaments that are run by you Pete have been given a great amount of effort and organisation and people are attracted by that!

    1. God my sentence structure and spelling were off there...

    2. ...bit like your taste in armies :P

    3. Quiet you two. If the beards are anything to go by, you're both closet Dwarf fans anyway.

      Come on, admit it. You both have Thorek Anvils secretly painted up at home, don't you?!

    4. Thorek Ironbrow is complete and utter scum as highlighed below
      Thorek Ironbrow and the Anvil of Doom
      M WS BS S T W I A Ld
      Thorek 3 6 4 4 5 3 3 2+1 10
      Kraggi 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

      Equipment: The rune hammer Klad Brakak, Thorek's rune armour.
      Special Rules: Master of Ancient Lore, Assistant at the forge.

      But hay that's NEIL for you!!!