Thursday, March 7, 2013

Runefang VI - Reminder Regarding Early Bird Registration

Just a heads up that early bird registration for Runefang VI closes next Saturday (16th March). Up until then it is $35, it then increases to $45. Runefang is on April 27/28.

Imperial Griffon Inflicts Its Own Killing Blow On Tomb Kings' Necropolis Knight

Early registration is great for TOs as it helps enormously with planning - particularly as the field increases. Terrain, tables, cloths need to be secured and an assistant to help out the Umpire may be needed (e.g. NZTC).

It also helps the players, especially out of towners. Cheaper flights can be booked and accommodation jacked up. Remember there are a lot of gamers in Welly that might be amenable to putting you up. However you need to give them notice as it normally includes negotiations with their better half.

If you would like a Players Pack (and the search function "Upcoming Tournaments" is beyond you) then drop me an email at

Currently 22 people have signed up and it looks like a field of 35-40 is not beyond the event. There will be a limit of 40 places however, dictated by the venue

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