Monday, March 25, 2013

Skaven v Lizards Resumes

Mike and I resumed our battle for the forests of Lustria this weekend with a battle between his Lizards and my Skaven. We rolled up Meeting Engagement with me deploying first. All my units made the board while Mike had four off. However that was not necessarily a disadvantage as he rolled the required "6" and got first turn.

The game was a little cat and mouse as the threat of 13th keep Mike's Ethereal Slaan at a distance. I used my Doomwheel to go hunting for him and it managed to get behind Mike's lines and close in on him. Through use of his Ward and a LOS for being within 3" of his blocks Mike's frog was able to survive sustaining only a couple of wounds.

In the penultimate turn the Slaan came forward and I managed to get a Crack's Call through him. Much checking of FAQs ensued and after initially thinking he was removed we found that the spell has been FAQ'd as a template giving a LOS to the Slaan. He passed this and we replaced him on the board.

The game finished up with what looked like a minor win to me as Mike lost one Saurus block and most of his chaff while I lost chaff and the HPA.

The list I'm using has a Power Scroll as the Seer's Arcane Item, rather than an Earthing Rod. I've been considering the merits of this but ultimately because I have gone down a Clan Rat Bell/No Assassin route I think the Scroll provides additional offensive power albeit at the expense of some risk mitigation.

Personally I'm not convinced the Stormvermin/Dual Assassin Bell build is superior to what I am running. Certainly not for my playstyle or in an environment that uses Scenarios rather than purely Battleline.


  1. I ended up dropping the second assassin and just running the weeping blades/potion of strength one as that still gives the bell combat punch needed

    1. I remain unconvinced on Bell needing combat punch and non-confrontational bell allows me to have Ratapult and Doomwheel

  2. That's cos your defensive Pete! I still had wheel, abomb, cannon found the plague claw did nothing so I dropped it.