Monday, March 25, 2013

Mierce Kickstarter - First Arrivals

This morning I received a parcel from Mierce Miniatures containing the first batch of models that I ordered as part of their Kickstarter. I love Warhammer Monsters and here is a great batch of monsters. I'm guessing I'll eventually build a Beastmen army around them.

Top Row (L to R): Gorgon, Manticore, Skaven Warlord
Bottom Row: Cyclops, Chimera, Beastlord on Monstrous Beast (chariot proxy)

Kits look great and I am looking forward to building and painting them.


  1. Make sure the teeth of the chimera are ok,mine were shit

  2. Will the Chimera fit ok on a chariot base?

    1. No, too wide. The back legs are 75mm at widest point - haven't determined front legs (Darren?).

      Hoping by positioning I can get him on a 60mm x 100mm base

    2. Put mine on a 100x100....i think.Hes packed away at the moment but could dig him out if you want me to check?