Monday, March 25, 2013

Hobby Weekend

So it was a good weekend for my hobby.

I progressed the six Beasts of Nurgle I am painting using the Forgeworld Plague Ogre models. They are about a third of the way through and hopefully will be finished by the weekend.

More resin bases for my Daemons arrived from Back2bas-ix and these are now painted and just require magnetisation. Cost was two craft knife cuts to my thumb as I removed the minimal flash from the bases.

On Saturday I received my first lot of Plague Drones and these are now being assembled. Great kits, can't wait to paint them.

I call in at GW yesterday and picked up a couple of paints. It looked like there were a few young gamers settling in for a marathon assembly session. I had been hoping to pick up a set of the new Edge Paints but couldn't immediately see them there. These paints look ready made for lazy people like me who can't be arsed mixing their own.

Then with some trepidation I ventured out to Charlie's with my Deathshroud Terminators in hand. Having repainted these twice due to problems with an oil wash, I was keen to find out what I was doing wrong. Charlie went through the technique with me again - I'm a slow learner - and we determined two things I was doing wrong. Firstly, I needed to soften the cotton bud I was using. This involved teasing it - "You're just a stupid cotton bud" - to ensure I wasn't too abrasive when removing the oil wash. Secondly, I had the bud too wet with turps and this was flooding the model and finding weak spots in the gloss varnish cover. Cheers Charlie. Always great to get actual demo rather than try to solve via email.

I brought the Deathshroud home and have been detailing them ahead of applying the weathering powders to achieve the same effect I got on my Legion Tactical Squad.

So all in all I'm going to award myself a "Merit" for Hobby over the weekend.

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