Monday, March 11, 2013

Vampire Counts List

Here is the Vampire Counts list I've been using over the last couple of months:


Vampire Lord - Level 3 (Vamps), Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armour, Shield, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation, Other Trickster's Shard, Quickblood, Red Fury - 503


Vampire - Level 1 (Vamps), Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armour, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Enchanted Shield, Opal Amulet, Quickblood - 205

Wight King - BSB, Barded Steed, Lance, Heavy Armour, Obsidian Amulet, Dragonhelm - 179

Necromancer - Level 1 (Vamps), Scroll - 90


35 Ghouls - Ghast - 360

40 Zombies - 120

3x 5 Dire Wolves - 120


10 Black Knights - Full Command, Barding, Lances -290

2x 3 Vargheists - 276

2 Fellbats - 40


Terrorgheist - 225

An Extremely Angry Vampire (Red Fury?) Who Appears To Have Missed His Bus

The army seems to synergise well, the characters in particular supporting each other. I've found that typically 10 Black Knights is enough - against all but the strongest Magic Defence - and that they act as a suitable delivery system for the two Vampires.

The two units of Vargheists I treat as expendable, using them to clean out chaff from around the bus. The key is not to get too greedy with them and chase points that don't necessarily impact your overall plan. I've yet to really get the most out of the Fellbats and generally they are surplus to immediate requirements which means I chuck them in and get them killed early. I believe patience here would be a virtue and I should employ them as a mobile reserve.

The Ghouls have been the hardest unit to learn to use. I've taken to using them in Horde and I think that is the way forward. Again they need to be committed to wear down the enemy to allow Vargheist to act as flat track bullies later in the game.

Mr. Terrorgheist is fun to use. He is very vulnerable to Light magic but in those situations he needs to be drawn out to the flanks or committed to pick up points as fast as possible before his inevitable death. Determining which strategy is part of the fun. Looking forward to getting him into some high value targets.

Appreciate any comment on list. In particular if you can identify any weaknesses either in build and kitout. What matches do you think are particularly tough and could points be better spent elsewhere.


  1. Great army choice!

    Hesitant to comment seeing as you usually beat me with my own army heh. I would say that 2-3 wraiths are a fantastic addition to the army to make the infantry blocks survive the grind, also to pop out and redirect or hold people up. They have given me games by themselves, and a M6 ethereal charge from a unit catches even experienced generals out.

    Toughest match now with bloodletter spam reduced in my (very biased) opinion would be the right empire list. Gunline, light, and with combat counter punch. 2 cannons, hellblaster, engineers and level 4 light can punch a hole in the bus in one turn easily. No bus = big loss.

  2. You're missing a level 4 and a caster with Dark Acolyte....I think this list will struggle without a decent ability to raise quickly (as that's the Vamp's strengths). I also think you should scrap the level 1 necro as they are really a waste of points, you should just scrape together the extra points to get a level one vamp on a helsteed, as that would at least give you a character with some utility. A handy addition would be the scroll of shielding for protecting the Black Knights.
    Wight King BSB is a big waste of points, if you are worried about failing the roll to quick reform then just get the gleaming pennant and save yourself a 174 points! If you're relying on saving 1 less ghoul or black knight from crumbling I think it's close to pointless. Additionally I think you'd have to max out on ghouls, even with my Empire I've gone through them in one turn with a knight bus charge.
    10 Black Knights are definitely enough for a delivery....although it can get nerve wracking at times!

    1. Dark Acolyte is a nice to have but doesn't appear essential. Level Four would be nice.

      I've been using the MR2 to shield the BKs.

      May look at replacing WK and Necro with another Vamp as can see utility. However Necro is my favourite model