Monday, March 18, 2013

Tau Next Month

Over the weekend White Dwarf pictures emerged of the new Tau to be released in April.

Incoming is a new Codex, a new dual flyer - Sunshark/Razorshark, new Crisis and Barrlesuits and finally Pathfinders.


  1. For the greater good!

    Tau got me into warhammer when they first were released, so I will be very interested to see how they turn out. Hopefully I can update the 40k force without too much investment depending on the GW MO of making old units terrible to buy new stuff.

    Shame there is not recut of the crises suit, be interesting to see what is all in the blurry pathfinder box. Some kind of new drones by the look.

    I expect the fliers will be more like the DA ones than necrons, priced quite high like 6th ed books aircraft but won't compare to necron/ig/stormraven cheap cost and firepower. Broadsides seem to be a point of contention based on the rumours.

    As always pays to wait to see whole book before judgement but cautiously excited based on DA/Chaos.

    Also really like the high pace release schedule at the moment, keep 1 book per month please!

  2. speaking of rumors is it true theres not going to be Fields of Blood this year? :(

    1. I haven't played any 6th Ed and I had little or no appetite for 5th Ed. I offered both Hagen and Charlie the opportunity to run it but both have partners expecting babies mid-year so understandably that was out.

      The last two years I ran it I lost money and struggled to break even so given my lack of 40k appetite it was a lot of work at a potential financial cost.

      Maybe I re-ignite my 40k appetite at some point but at present the rules, allies and plethora of flyers make it personally unappealing.