Sunday, March 31, 2013

High Elves Next?

I think we can take it that High Elves are pretty much the next cab off the rank. Rumours have been floating around for a few days but now a "picture" has emerged.


Such a unit is in keeping with Games Workshop's recent releases and I think the models look very nice.

EDIT: If you look in the bottom of photo you can see what appears to be the chariot-mounted bolt thrower on an Eagle

EDIT: Also it looks like the HE Spearmen won't be replaced as you can see existing to the right. There are however (centre bottom) what looks like Seaguard (shields on back)

The rumour is a May release for book and models, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was June as I'd expect a "The Hobbit" month to have to be slotted in somewhere.

EDIT: And here is Book Cover


  1. This is the earliest we have had a sneak peak in ageeeees I wonder what gives?

  2. June? In time for horned rat possibly. Going to cost a ton to buy those now the bits embargo has closed the last loophole for cheap stuff

  3. Until the next loophole is established.

  4. Can't wait for the new HE's - been amassing my old 4th Ed army here's hoping for 50 point bolt throwers.. Like the good old days

  5. I hate the PEGs with a passion but I'm so glad they are investing time in these rather than the other dying race, the Dwarfs.

  6. As long as they improve our uselss core, fix High Magic and dont nerf the unique magic items Ill be happy. Hopefully they dont make Silver Helms core without a major points reduction as I scrapped all my old SH models yonks ago.

  7. I call first rage quit based on the leaked pic!