Monday, March 4, 2013

Campaign Weekend Coming Up.

Since I'm not going to Equinox and the wife is away for the weekend leaving me to feed the cats, I've organised a campaign weekend at Chez Dunn. I've invited 8-9 locals around to fight over the Great Dark Vale

In 2011 I ran two Mighty Empires campaign weekends at CAS Hall and they were well received. Well this is going to be a mini version of that. Six games over the two days.

Players are bringing a 2400 point army and 2 sideboards of 200 points each. The sideboards must be units and must not violate the normal 0-3 Special or 0-2 Rare restrictions. We'll also be using the Runefang VI comp as a filter.

For me, Seerlord Morskitta will be seeking to expand his realm and I'm going to look to paint up a new unit to use as one of my sideboards.

Pete: Skaven
Joel: Wood Elves
James: Skaven
Glen: Vampires
Wil: Ogres
Mike: Beastmen
Cody: Warriors of Chaos


  1. ...the noise of squealing rats has awoken the forest who now match on Chez Dunn backed by the Archers of the Glade. We shall reclaim the forests and send a message to all dare trespass in Ariel's Sacred Glade.

  2. The blood of mortals shall be ours for the taking!