Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Army Ranking

One of the benefit of using the Fields of Blood ranking model across various countries is that the data can be compared and contrasted.

Included for each area is an Army Ranking where the best results - excluding icon holder - are taken to determine relative success in that country.

Here are the current results for Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand:

As can be seen there is a fair amount of correlation between  the three countries. This despite a variety in the degree of comp systems and the application of that comp. NZ for instance uses a lot of hard cap comp and is generally permissive while Australia uses more restrictive comp and relies less on hard caps. The UK spans the spectrum but generally errs to the NZ end. 

At a casual glance the outlier seems to be Dark Elves/Skaven in NZ. The local experience is at odds with that seen in Oz and the UK but I think it can be generally explained by the smaller size of the market. I expect we will see Dark Elves gradually improve as more armies come to the table.  The other interesting army is Wood Elves. Oz with its softer comp has a presence already but again I suspect the new (and stronger) book will start to see it move higher. 

The next thing I thought I would look at is the development of an Overall Army Ranking Guide. There is no pretence that this possesses any scientific rigour but I suspect if plotted over time will show some macro meta trends. 

So from this it is possible to start determining which books are performing best. I suspect it comes as no surprise to most to see the Top 5 comprised of the two "of Chaos", the High and Dark Elves and  Empire. This strength level certainly fits my view of all round tournament strength. 

I'll be revisiting this every couple of months to see if there are changes and also whether we can see some trends developing. 

Have at it. 


  1. I think I'm letting the team down at the moment :P

  2. Errrr... What do the numbers mean?
    I'm feeling a bit dumb

  3. Transferred the ranking into a number - !st =10 pts, 10th = 1 pt. Gives a score out of 30

  4. I think the NZ skaven score could be explained by Pete Dunn, being the arch rat and doing well at a lot of tournaments. If Pete was playing Dark Elves they would be near the top.

    1. No. Not really. As to avoid player influence we take the results of the Icon holder for that race out of the results.

      In effect you are looking at "topped" results so we have multiple people succeeding with rats (relative to other countries' relativities)

  5. What has happened to vampires? Are the not popular anymore? Or have the new books shut them down?


    1. Not sure. There are two prevalent builds. The first is foot vamps that holds points well but struggles for big wins. The second is bus mounted blender lord.

      Both are susceptible to cannon sniping.

      With the Elfpocalypse currently occurring we might see a rebirth (no pun intended)

  6. It is a bit surprising that there are no Dwarfs in the top 10 as they have a pretty solid book. Perhaps people have just not changed their play-style enough to make the most of the new tools in the book. New Zealand players are obviously too put off by the gryofish abomination of a model.