Sunday, June 8, 2014

Guest Post - Charles Black on Warriors of Chaos

The following is a Guest Post from Charles Black. Charles is a past doyen of the Warhammer scene and has recently got back inTo tournament play. About a decade ago he wrote an article in the now defunct Irresistible Force eZine on Warhammer Tactics which I still think is the best treatise on Warhammer I've read. So I asked Charles if I could post his recent forum post from WAU so readers of Fields of Blood could see it.

Take it away Charles:

I've had quite a few request for my list. I'd prefer NOT to just post it. I dislike the whole net list phenomen.

This is because a list itself is usually dependent on the specific nature of the tournament, the players, and your personal play style. So what is below – is my list, but in a way that includes a range of options depending on the factors above. I find the core of my list has been the same (although it wont be for Carnage – raaaargh … ) but there are a lot of options depending on what the tournament pack says, what comp is and what models you have and what play style you have.

The basis for the list came from discussion with Andy Potter regarding the changing meta towards (1) ballistic skill shooting from Elves and the variety of demon armies out there that monster WoC (2) the armour busting capabilities of many armies in response to 1+AS armies and monstrous cav (2) the rise of new smash units that do it at least equally as good as WoC such as Star Dragons, demns etc and (3) the ‘perfect storm’ where as new armies with natural counters to WoC were brought in (DE, HE) by GW, the traditional ‘hard choices’ in WoC (DP, crushers, Chimera, core chariots and anything nurgle) were comped down in response to the power level. The challenge as a WoC player is that in any comped environment, you just cant take the traditional choices and start the tournament on an even footing.

So the list I took and the variations revolve around the following principles (1) have range threats to deal with ranged threats of other armies – in particular those that can afford to sit back and magic / shoot but have the comfort of counter charging if you get to close (Empire, HE, DE, Brets, Demons) (2) have an anvil – a tough unit that can take damage and attract attention and can effectively deliver CR when needed (3) have enough chaff to divert non flyers and to get into opponents chaff (4) have a combination of combat threat units to soak missiles (5) have a second wave to either finish units off or to counter charge.

SO with these in mind, the core of the army is

1) Lvl 4 on Tzeentch, flys, 3+WSwith re-rolls and 1+ AS. I give mine Sword of might, breath weapon and potion of foolhardiness (mainly if I see a threat for a panic test. He is my main range threat unit with gateway. However, Treason is also spectacular – probably most valuable spell in deck as it can totally change combats (use lowest leadership and no BSB or inspiring presence). In addition his OK combat potential (3str 5 and 3 str4) means he is ideal against smaller units. With his breath weapon he can really surprise some units and can make a huge difference in an all in vs elf units.

2) Tz BSB with dem steed and 3+WS and 1+AS is very useful. He does what he’s meant to do – beat stuff up. The 3W is excellent. GW or Halberd.

3) Lvl 2 on metal and scroll. Great spell choice. May add ring of fury for additional anti elf spells. Charmed shield useful. Generally leave unmarked so can join marked units.

4( If special characters allowed – I take Scyla. 105 pts and gives MR to the trolls. He is also unbreakable and has 4 W. His main use is the Leadership 10 bubble.

Not sure what ill do if I can’t take Scyla as I need the trolls and Ld 8 is too unreliable even with a re-roll and if they are unsupported they are virtually useless with Ld4 stupidity.

Core is comprised on any and many combinations of min sized Slaneesh (no panic) marauders both mounted and on foot (a mix of board and sword and flails is ideal). Then mounted marauders with flails and javelins. Add command depending on tournament conditions. On top of that 3-4 hound units to chaff things up. For face off, I went more untis on foot due to the tournament cnditions (600points / game for 5+ models or 3+ MI or MC). In the end I had 11 units that could contest table quarters and deployment zones. On the dogs I need to be aware that they can panic BSB and general.

For Special, I have been going with 6 trolls – these can catch cannon balls for chariots behind and I generally run with BSB and scyla in the unit. Quality death star and MR 3 on Scyla stops the risk of fireballs running your day.

Then 2 gorebeast chariots. Great, tough, solid units. Slaneesh is my favourite mark. Nurgle is obviously excellent, but Ld 8 might be a problem esp as I sometimes run them with marauders.

I’ve tried hellstriders – sensational unit, but I don’t really need more fast cav. I realy like knights and they get under the comp stick biut for some armies they are simply a very quick and very easy 250 points.

I try and always take a shrine as I think it is great. A very tough unit that can hit hard and has useful boost spell – although I cast it very rarely as I usually have lvl 4 and lvl 2 casting.

Finally to rare. Sometimes nothing, this tournament I took shaggoth. Took EHW. Very very useful esp against all those pesky elves. I think there is a lot of value in 3 dragon ogres as they have 12 wounds and can get into combat quickly. Helcannon would be great but combo with tzentch magic is an auto comp hit. I think there is a lot of value in a slaughterbrute if he is connected to the lord – and it would fly under the comp radar.


  1. It's been quite an interesting meta-flux as far as how WoC effectively fit in the new Elfscape.

  2. I was under the impression that Unbreakable people couldn't join units. having re-read the book it blows my mind that characters can join non-unbreakable units as long as they are themselves immune to psychology, like stupid. i just love the idea now of two fist pumpers in one unit