Tuesday, June 17, 2014

On The Painting Table - Fiends of Slaanesh

As I said a couple of weeks ago I've reached a stage where there is very little that I need to paint for upcoming events so I am just painting whatever takes my fancy.

Recently I painted Tomb Guard and Horse Archers for Sam W to use at Wrath & Ruin  (oh the irony). This was followed by 18 metal Eternal Guard for Wood Elves. I followed this up with Impassable Terrain last weekend.

I've now got two new projects on the desk. The first is six Waywatchers and the second three Fiends of Slaanesh. I've decided to wait to do the Waywatchers as I have 4 blisters en route from the UK and I might as well do them all together. So that leaves the Fiends.

Anybody who played Tom prior to the release of the most recent Daemons of Chaos book will know that he always ran single Fiends in his Rare choices. I had painted up three of the metal Fiends which were affectionately dubbed "My Little Ponies".

They all had names - "Moonbeam", "Sparkles" and "Primrose" based on their colour choice and an internet search of the relevant cartoon. However I had rush painted them and wasn't very happy with them - wash and drybrush.

Last night I pulled them out and re-base coated them - don't worry Tom, same colours - in preparation of given them a better paint job.

Hopefully I can get them done for a show-and-tell next Monday.

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