Monday, June 30, 2014

Miniature Monday - Grrrrrrr

Nothing completed to show for this week.....for two reasons.

Firstly, my mother is currently staying with us. My painting table is in the Family Room where she watches TV. Putting aside the fact I hate reality programmes like "My Kitchen Rules", "Border Control", "Road Cops", "When Celebrities' Pets Attack III", "Surf Cops' Embarrassing Kitchen Nightmares" etc, contrary to her protests she needs a hearing aid. If you think reality tv is bad try listening to it with the TV cranked up to 60. I just go into the lounge and strap two pillows to my head.

Secondly, Nurgle the Cat pointed out to me the folly of my ways. While trying to commandeer my lap yesterday he managed to knock the three Wargamma "Pools" I was painting. When they hit the ground large pieces of paint flaked off. So kids, always wash any resin models in detergent before you paint them. It removes the release agent the manufacturer sprays on them during production. I got lazy this time and it bit me on the arse.

I have however been mildly productive. I have cleaned up and primed 6 more Waywatchers and assembled and started painting the stags of Sisters of the Thorn (while watching sport at a pleasant 22 on the TV volume control). I also managed to pick up some metal Eternal Guard off Trade Me which boosts my unit to 30 (or 2x 15).

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