Friday, June 13, 2014

WIP - Impassable Terrain

Last evening I started work on building some Impassable Terrain for upcoming games.

The ETC maps have pieces of IT as integral to their setup and I wanted to have pieces that were different to ruins and also conveyed an "impassable" nature.

So I took some previously based and painted Garden of Morr terrain pieces and looked to make them a little bit more imposing.

I've used a couple of off cuts of blue foam I had and given them a basic structure. I have then mounted various elements - shrine, wall, rocks - on and will leave them to fix. Tonight I'll get the craft knife out and start carving up the various faces.

The next step will be ground cover and paint. 

Check back Monday for the completed pieces. 


  1. Thou shalt not pass! Nice looking terrain Pete!

  2. Nice use of the garden of morr, may have to copy some of these ideas.