Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wargaming Podcasts

This weekend sees the Bad Dice Daily podcast go into a hiatus as Ben Curry and his partner prepare for the upcoming birth of their first child (Congrats by the way).

This is going to leave a bit of a hole in my hobby listening time.particularly as their fortnightly has become highly irregular.

I'd say that 2014 has been a bit of a bad year for  Warhammer  podcasting as existing casts have fallen by the wayside or become more irregular.

While Wargaming podcasting isn't necessarily a thankless task - the principals get to experience their 15 minutes of fame - I can see how it can become a chore. A lot of casts start with a burst of enthusiasm but over time that store is dissipated and their is little left to say - bit like blogs.

In most cases I think this is due to lack of structured format and focus - certainly the best shows work to a tight format. I've always struggled with tournament or game report casting (and blogging) as it seems to quickly fall into the "then I rolled a six" or "OMG my LUX Suxor". Also those that have a limited hosting group seem to work better - as the cast doesn't lose its structure as all try to shout over one another to get their input heard.

We now have a number of casts approaching or recently achieving their 100th episode. You can only applaud their longevity. Generally they have strong ties into a local - then national/international - gaming network. My current list of favourites is:

The Watchtower
Skull Bros Awesome

I also listen to Garagehammer (professionally produced), Heelanhammer and Jaded Gamercast. I find these can be a bit hit or miss depending on the topic. A relative newcomer is the Irish entry, Hobby Craic.

Given the time and effort that is put in is largely unfounded I'd just like to thank all casters who do take the time to give me something to listen to while commuting or painting. Cheers.


  1. Thanks for sharing - this is exactly what I needed to prepare for the drought.

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  3. Alex TrebleJune 17, 2014 at 12:03 PM
    Thanks for the feedback Pete It is indeed difficult at times to pull together the hosting cast for a podcast, either real life gets in the way or significant others put their foot down. Even with just three hosts on our show it's been tricky to get out podcasts any more regularly than monthly (and even still we've fallen a bit by the wayside). I know from our case it's not enthusiasm but just real life getting in the way of warhammer, which is very inconsiderate of it!

    The Watchtower Podcast