Monday, June 16, 2014

Quiet Times Here in The Empire

We have entered a period of quiet times here in New Zealand - as far as tournaments go anyway.

Here in the Empire (greater Wellington) the next event is not until mid-August. Then it is another six weeks until the inaugural Masterton (Badlands) event. The next actuall event is Panzershreck in Palmerston North (Troll Country) which is just over a month away. As I understand it that event has sold out.

Up in the Chaos Wastes (Auckland) they are running Tin Soldier - also known as "Monstercon" - the week after Panzershreck.

Goodness knows what is happening down in the Southlands. I expect they are either in a stasis or in a period of spawning.

So that le aves plenty of time for hobby through the long winter months. I expect to see lots of new armies come the Spring. If you are planning something new let us know in the "Comments" section


  1. June 27-28 Carnage, July 12-13 Cavcon, If we can drag ourselves away from spawning :)


  2. Oh, man - does that make Tauranga some sort of Kislev, then?