Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Internet Tuesday - YouTube Rules

I've decided that I will try to structure the blog a little bit by introducing some regular segments.

The first of these is Internet Tuesday where the intention is to highlight something interesting relating to the hobby that I've found on the net.

This week it is the YouTube channel Fred the Referee. You can access easily via a YouTube search. The "Fred" in question is Frederique, a Norwegian who has refereed at the last few ETCs and a member of the current FAQ team.

He has uploaded around seven short (3-4 minute) videos that go through a number of complicated rules situations. The focus is very much on ETC but in a lot of cases the concepts are universal - and where ETC deviates from WHFB BRB it is noted.

I found them very useful and easy to follow. They cover things like the 1" rule, virtual pivots, pursuit direction, railroading and cover considerations. If you have a spare half hour I recommend checking them out.

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