Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review - Foldio Lightbox by Orangemonkie

Recently I found and supported a Kickstarter by a company called Orangemonkie.

It was for a collapsable lightbox suitable for taking pictures of models etc.

The box is made of lightweight plastic sheet that fixes together by enclosed magnets. It literally takes 5 seconds to put together.

However the great thing is that you can buy it with LED strip lights in it and that gives yopu all the lights you need to take photos on you iDevice.

Here is mine set up for a photo:

The light strips are at the top and powered by two 9V batteries.

Here's a quick snap I took of "Moonbeam" to show the lighting.

The Kickstarter finished six months ago but you can access the product from their website

I think it is a great product and fully recommend it.

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  1. Given how shoddy the photos on my blog are - this looks like something I should look into,