Monday, June 9, 2014

Wrath & Ruin Results

Over the weekend I attended the inaugural "Wrath & Ruin" Fantasy Tournament put on by the DILFs* at the Onehunga RSA in Auckland.

The event used the latest ETC comp, rules and maps and gave three of the NZ ETC team to get some practice. It was five rounds.

Here are the results:

Bryan Orsborne won both Best Sports and Best Painted ( beautiful Brets). 

A big thanks to all those who attended as it was extremely useful for the ETC guys. 

* you may wonder about the monicker "DILF". I've been reliably informed that it stands for "Dudes Inuits Like to Fondue" - strange but true!


  1. It was fun to play as the ghost on Day 1. I may have to make another fantasy army for casual play

  2. Congrats on the win... and what a mix in the top 10!! Only double up was... Wood Elves?

  3. Are there any armylists available? As desk top general I enjoy looking at your armylist and see your battle reports :)

  4. thanks for coming up Pete, think everyone enjoyed the event and bar one incident that shall not be named :) it all went well.

  5. You missed some punctuation its "Dudes, Inuits like to Fondue!!" We are very passionate about informing the warhammer community about how Eskimoes love melted food.

    Good luck in Serbia!