Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Now For Bretonnians?

All the drumming seems to indicate that Bretonnians will be the next Fantasy book off the rank.

The current book is 6th Edition vintage and was released in Q3 2003. Therefore it will be 11 years old later this year.

I personally think the book has held up very well - as have the figures that saw a major revamp at last release. The core KotR, M@A and Peasant Archers box sets are all still very nice multipurpose models. I don't necessarily see them being replaced.

So what will we seem.

Perhaps Demigryphs have been found in the Southern forests? However I hope rather than that we see a revamp of the rules for Questing and Grail Knighrs with a new multipurpose kit. Something that  makes them an anvil unit - so stubborn/ITP - that can hold the line allowing  other units to deliver knockout blows.

Also some type of enhanced Grail Relique type kit that builds on the current concept but uses the mechanics of the DE Cauldron.

And in Rare some type of monster, probably flying e.g. Griffon

If they wish to broaden the range more then a set of Estalian or Tilean mercenaries may work.

All in all I think the book only needs an update, it already has it's own distinct character.

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  1. I don't think the army needs much of a change, it has its own unique style and flavour.
    I would like to see preserved, the lance formation, the Lady's blessing, and the virtues (modified and brought up to date) , the limited troop types. 5 types of knight, 3 types of peasants, mounted yeomen and trebs, and the peasants being led by the knights.
    The grail reliquae needs an overhaul to make it a good looking kit with interesting rules - maybe a bit like a war altar with a bound spell(s) to buff knights, but riding inside a unit.
    Variety can be added through the virtues as at present for the heroes and either through unit upgrades for the knights or preferably through a large choice of magic standards that could also further distinguish between the grades of knights as they grade up in cost.
    Capabilities such as Devastating Charge, Extra strength on charge, Something like the Steel Standard, Ignore dangerous terrain on charge, stubborn, right up to breaks steadfast.
    Most of them should be emphasising / reinforcing the importance of the charge.
    I expect the trebs to go up in points or get toned down and Peg knights to go up to 3 wounds.
    I don't think more monstrous cav are needed but access to a monster could be interesting.
    I'd also like to see pegs and questers have access to helmets so they can have a 2+ Armour save
    Currently we have access to life and beasts plus heavens with a level 3. A new lore would be great but as Wood Elves did not get their own lore I can't see this happening. Access to all the lores would be too much like Empire.
    Just my 2c