Monday, June 23, 2014

Miniature Monday: The Three Amigos (or My Little Ponies R Us)

As I noted last week I'm taking the opportunity to paint whatever I feel like at the moment - I have no tournament deadlines I have to meet.

So this week I picked up three Fiends that had a rush job on them when used by Tom in the previous Daemon of Chaos book (remember lone Fiends 45 points).

This edition they have been superseded by Beasts of Nurgle but I think there is still some utility for them.

We always called the Fiends, "My Little Ponies" due to their cartoonish looks and we named them after three of the little darlings (Use Google, it has the internet).

After a few evenings work I'm happy with the finished job.




Over the next week I am going to do some aquatic terrain pieces - ponds by WarGamma I got at Adepticon and tidy up Waywatchers for painting.

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