Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FAQs, Where Are Thou?

A few weeks ago Games Workshop released updated FAQs for Warhammer 40k. Now these were obviously necessary given the edition - oh wait still no mention of 7th  - change.

However it is now 14 months since we have seen anything for Warhammer Fantasy. In that time we have had three Elf books released plus Lizardmen and Dwarfs.

This is pretty slack.

Either GW don't think their rules need FAQs - quick heads-up, they do - or it is just not a priority for them.

Yes we get the same drivel trotted out - usually by Jervois in the WD - "We are a miniatures company, not a rules company" or "Our games are not designed for tournament play" or my favourite "Just make up your own house rule" but those are all cop-outs.

In a way GW is abusing its position - and the goodwill of its gaming history with its players - trotting out such drivel.

We all have the right to expect that the rules we buy for our games are clear and fit for purpose. In most other endeavours consumers rightly expect flaws and errors to be corrected and the GW hobby should be no different. GW is treating its customers poorly in not providing "fixes" to its rules.

Eventually it will blow through all the goodwill it has with long term customers - who are committed due to sunk cost in product and time.

I find it incredible as they are no doubt aware it prevails - sufficient GW HQ staff play in UK tournaments that they would have to have the awareness of tadpole to be ignorant of the need.

The effort is minimal too. Any studio designer could address the problem in an afternoon.

Their post sale customer service with regard to rules quality is currently non-existent and this is something they should look to address. Out of pride, if nothing else.


  1. The lack of FAQs baffles me too. For a miniscule outlay of effort, they'd gain substantial goodwill from their customers, and maybe even some professional satisfaction from a job well done. It's such an easy thing to do.

    That they don't do this suggests some sort of institutional blindness and willful ignorance. It undermines the viability of their WHFB ruleset (the mechanism they use to sell models), and shows them to be at least partially incompetent.

    Sometimes you can't help being incompetent. In this case, GW appears to have deliberately chosen to be. I really can't see why they would do that.

  2. perhaps they will use the flaws as a tool to increase sales of 9th edition? dunno just a thought

  3. I understand my friends who use and value the FAQs, but I never use them myself. My opponents are welcome to use 'em. I like to 'work it out' with my opponent and find those I cannot come to an agreement with are not the guys I want to play. If you are worried about them taking advantage of you, why are you playing them? If you are taking advantage of them, why are you playing? Dunno. But my urge 'to get it right' isn't as strong a driver as my urge to 'have fun gaming'. To each their own. Love your site!

  4. They are most likely going to try sell them as data slates and battle scrolls