Monday, June 9, 2014

Guest Post - Charles on WoC (Part II)

This is the second part of Charles' post. Remember also that he is playing in Oz which is the spiritual home of panel/peer comp - so soft rather than hard caps - and that steers some of his thinking.

Part II

Here's also a summary I did during early days of army design to check / prompt the design. Its not exhaustive or always correct - but initial thoughts

vs Shooting armies
1. Cannons
2. Bolt throwers
3. Mass Archer
My army's approach
• Fast moving units to take them out
• Screens to give hard cover
• Trolls to protect from cannons
• Multiple threats
• Hounds in front of trolls vs flaming shooting

vs Magic Armies
1. Dwellers / Final trans
2. Buff for combat
3. Magic missiles

My army's approach
• Level 4 for dispel
• MR for expensive units
• Mage killers
• Scroll
• Trolls with Scyla for MR

vs Movement armies
1. Fast movement
2. Chaff

My army's approach
• Hitty chaff
• Flyers to go over

vs Combat units
1. Steadfast blocks
2. ASF
3. Regen
4. High AS
5. High WS

My army's approach
• Treason
• 3+WS characters
• Regen trolls
• Chariots counter charging

And then some general thought on approach vs different armies

Skaven - things to watch for

Strong Magic / WLC to soften
Hitty characters in big block

General approach
Have to rush the Seer / bell unit
Even use lvl4 back up with nearby Skyla and BSB to pin seers unit in place

OG - things to watch for

Warmachines and fanatics
Foot me to death
Chariots with long charge range
Steadfast blocks

General approach
Quickly get rid of fanatics
Kill shooting ASAP
Combo charge block with Lvl 4 and Trolls

Ogres - things to watch for

Big steadfast blocks

General approach
Kill Iron blaster if I cant protect chariots
Kill Mournfangs with Magic
Combo charge with trolls

DE - things to watch for

Strong magic from Warlocks
Good shooting to remove my chaff = Xbows
High Str attacks from infantry
Witch elves esp if flaming

General approach

Get into combat ASAP if they are magic and shooting strong
Go after his Lvl 4 and big characters with Trolls and Combo charges

HE - things to watch for

Good shooting to remove my chaff
3+WS unit
Stubborn unit

General approach
Preserve my chaff
Go after his Lvl 4 and big characters with Trolls and Combo charges

LIZARDS - things to watch for

Steadfast, hard blocks
Slann Magic
Shooting from Skinks take out my chaff

General approach
Get trolls into combat – so got to keep them safe and combo charge with others
Keep chaff away from his skinks – potentially charging with Chariots and then closer fast cav

EMPIRE - things to watch for

Halbadiers buffed block
Good magic

General approach
Target his Stank ASAP
Get to cannon QUICK
Then put everything into Lvl 4 block

DOC - things to watch for

Nurgle Drones and Beasts
ItP and steadfast

General approach

WOC - things to watch for

Hard hitting big forces

General approach

Dwarves - things to watch for

Potential hatred vs my army – if so probably can’t commit
Cannons and shooting take out my Trolls and chariots
Strong Steadfast blocks

General approach
Target any flaming cannons ASAP
Target his shooting troops with flyers and also my mounted guy
Potentiall;y protect chariots by troll screen
Take off all chaff if possible
Stay away from any big blocks as he can out grind me.
Potentially send Trolls into smaller warriors

Brets - things to watch for

Large steadfast hard to remove blocks
Strong MR on key units
Hard to get points
Trebs take out chariots and other units – protected by

General approach

Vampire Counts - things to watch for

Stuck in combat with a blender lord
Good chaff units
Ethereal characters
Screams outside Ld bubble

General approach

Woodies - things to watch for
General approach

Magic his big trees
Trolls against his treekin
Target his lvl 4 with my Tz and then have other models so he can’t flee

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