Friday, June 13, 2014

Rankings System Update Mooted

One thing we are considering for the rankings is a function whereby if you click on a tournament it will highlight those people who are currently sourcing ranking score from that event.

That then gives a heads up as to who is protecting ranking points going into the event. At the moment you can determine it but it requires reverse engineering - looking at individual scores and seeing if they are using event. Speaking with Jack it could be an easy tweak.

I think that would be a useful feature for us "Ranking Whores".  What do others think?


  1. Sounds good. Anyway to put in function that would allow you to calculate what you need to capture an army icon. Other than better results of course

  2. If you click on army ranking you can see where you rank for that particular race

    1. Like you are 3rd Best Dwarf. Bit like being Miss Congeniality at Armageddon Expo