Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ETC 2014......and 2015

If you are going to Panzershreck then remember lists are due this Saturday.

The timing of this event is a little unfortunate as it falls the weekend after lists are due for this year's ETC lists must be lodged. That means that the three of the NZ ETC Team attending will already be committed come the event - so no last minute list-tweaking.

For those interested in the NZ ETC planning we are very in the final stages and are tying down some of the loose ends.

Flights and accommodation have been booked for some time, races and lists have largely been finalised, peripheries like dice have been ordered.

The team shirts are currently being finalised   So all in all it is getting close

For any NZ gamers interested in attending ETC 2015 - to be held in Prague, Czech Republic - you should probably start thinking about it now. The process for selection will start late August/early September when I (as 2014 Captain) will seek nominations for the 2015 Captaincy. The 2015 Captain will be selected by the 2014 team.

The 2015 Captain will then put together a selection panel to select the 2015 team. Typically this will comprise himself and two others (at least one of which will be based here in NZ). Nominations will then be sought from interested participants. This will be flagged on various forums, blogs etc. Preference is given to NZ passport holders (we need at least four) and those who have been resident or recently resident in the country for 3+ years.

It has been found that early selection of the team is preferable so people have the necessary certainty to budget accordingly (circa NZ 3000) and secure the necessary leave passes from home and work.

Hopefully that provides sufficient flavour to pique the necessary interest for a bumper bunch of candidates.

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